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          Sierra American Multi-Systems celebrates over 20 years of manufacturing the highest quality American-made tools. Precision slitting arbors, fly cutter, micro drill adapter, knee mill multi stop, collet wrench and tool trays.

          In 1992, Sierra American Multi-Systems was formed with a goal to produce the most superior tools on the market at a competitive priced.? Our tools are made in the USA using American craftsmanship, pride, and reliability. There is AMERICAN PRIDE in every item we produce.

          Sierra American Multi-Systems took on the task of designing our product lines to the highest manufacturing standards, far exceeding every other manufacturer in the world. Sierra American’s customers now benefit from, what we believe, are the longest lasting fly cutters and arbor tools that are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.

          Sierra American Multi-Systems line of ULTRA-PRECISION & GENERAL PURPOSE ARBORS have become the industry standard.

          Our entire line of products carries a “FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY”**. Browse our pages for slitting saw arbors, cnc tool trays/holders, collet wrenches,?drill adapters, knee mill stops and fly cutters.

          Purchases are made through our distributors. ?Click below to make a purchase from?one of our distributors:

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